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Default My friend, this girl and I

Ok.. Well.. Here's the story. When I was 3 my mother introduced me to her old friend from highschool's son. We quickly became friends and have been very close ever since.. However, earlier this year he started hanging out with this girl. I knew her for a while, she's been in my class for ages(he goes to english and I go to french school because around here you need french to get a job and my parents don't speak it). So I thought, great, he has a crush on this girl from my class, what do I care.

Half a year later(and half a year before now) he reported he was making out with this girl and he fingered her and they gave each other head. Then he said he was just playing games...I was freaked out for a number of reasons; 1-My best friend had oral sex and etc.
2-That girl has a boyfriend!
3-That girl's bf is my friend D:

Before he told me, I promised I wouldn't say anything.. So being a loyal friend, I said nothing to anybody for 6straight months. When rumors started coming up, I'd say they were false and sometimes they made me their lookout... Man, you can imagine how fun that was.. Sitting under a bridge near the beach while my best friend and some girl make out right beside me.

So this summer he hasn't hung out with me though. I don't know why, but, if I walk down to his house to get him he'll say he doesn't feel like going out. So, being a friend, I don't pressure him or anything, and just say 'Alright then..' . Then if I come back a half hour later he'll be at that girl's house..( I feel kind of double crossed being his friend for so long only to be put in second place.. But it's only natural I guess that he wants to make love to some chick instead of hanging out with friends) And if I go to his house the next day he'll tell me a story of how he got her to do stuff to him.. To be frank, it scares the life out of me that my dear friend could be speak so badly of her when she's not around..

Lastweek I went down to her house with some friends, my best friend wasn't home, but sure enough he was there too. So I got my friends to wait outside and told them that if she doesn't tell her boyfriend about them or just plain break up with him that I'm going to tell him myself. Naturally, they get kind of mad then tell me that they'll do something. Then I leave, because the last thing I want to do is hang around them together... Kind of makes me sick after I've seen what they do.

The next day my friend(the boyfriend of that girl)was like 'Man.. I just got dumped. I don't get it, she just didn't hang around me anymore then she dumps me.. What did I do wrong..' so I said 'Just because you aren't acknowledged, doesn't mean you're doing something wrong. Look at Martin Luther King jr, they killed him.' he didn't understand what I meant(he's kind of simple). I was glad for him in a way.

Anyways... She got another boyfriend yesterday.. NO JOKE and my best friend was up there. So I just said fuck it and blew the whole conspiracy wide open. I don't even care if he's my friend anymore, he was in the wrong.. But I did kind of mess it all up for him.. Now he has two guys that are after his head(the old bf and new one), and the girl hates him because how she's his 'little project' when he's around me..

Did I do the right thing..? Damn I hate making decisions..
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