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Default Re: What if I am?

Well, I can't tell you what happens or what changes simply cuz I don't know. I have lived with my bipolar as long as I can remember. I had mental problems from my early childhood on just the diagnoses were varying.

What do you do? Try to find a good doctor and treatment. If you don't feel comfortable with one find another that's important. Read books not just shit on the internet to get to know your illness and symptoms. Be open with it, don't try to hide. This just makes it worse. Embrace and accept it but don't simply give in to it...sounds weird but that's what I have learnt over the years.

Does it ever not suck? Well once you learnt to accept it and learnt how to live with it you will have good times, too. Sometimes it sucks more for the people around you than it does for yourself. It's hard to telll I guess it also depends on the person. I had huge problems over the last couple of months but now for a few weeks I'm feeling increasingly better hope this lasts for a bit.

Yeah, I know rather long and weird answer. Anyway feel free to ask more questions if you like.
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