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They both are complete and total morons. Bush is a power-hungry beer-drinking, crack-snorting, heroine-injecting retard. All he wants to do is rule the country and give himself money, and nuke any country that tries to stop him from doing that. Kerry is a pot-smoking, bra-burning pussy lying bastard, who got 3 purple hearts for nothing. WHO GETS 3 PURPLE HEARTS AND ESCAPES A WAR UNSCATHED?!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!! All he'll do is get us nuked.

Now, I'm not a terrorist or support terrorists, but I personally think Osama Bin Laden is a better leader then Kerry and Bush put together. Kerry and Bush put together is a fucking monstricity.... forget I said that. The reason I say this, is that he ACTUALLY, although he runs an orginization that is dedicated to do evil deeds, he is actually a civilized man. I know this how? WATCH THE FUCKING HISTORY CHANNEL, YA TWITS!!!!!!!!111 I find that he is able to run an entire orginization like this, hire people to train recruits, buy weapons, and take the stress from all this and still be highly stable.

I don't think he should run the country, though. I was voting for Dean.

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