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Default Re: are you born with ocd?

ok firstly, my name is abs, im new here and I am not dig it deeper loll if you don’t believe me you can go on and see my profile, im not someone else lol seriously, that’s a lil cocky but anyway.

you really need not tell me about how to carry out a scientific experiment, for your information I am a Cambridge undergraduate studying psychology in my first year, I have spent near to 9 months working with clinical psychologists and counselling psychologists and before that psychiatrists in which my father has now retired from a job at the royal college of psychiatrists, so I understood how the three fields differed and have made my choice with psychology. See now to say that evidence is being looked for by dig to support HER findings is sort of what you asked her to do? lol seriously, you are very cocky for someone who isn’t even at A level stage (high school if your in America) yeah fine you’ve spoken to some qualified practitioners but by the sounds of it only psychiatrists or maybe clinical psychologists as well, who both follow medical models believing psychological illnesses to have a biological basis. to think that I haven’t spoken to or questioned incredibly about anxiety disorders such as ocd and phobias (phobias of which btw when treatment undergoes a behavioural model results in roughly 90% success rate as opposed to medication) is a gross understatement, im sorry but I have studied these disorders and have a vast knowledge in my subject area, and not to be big headed but I have to have to have gotten into Cambridge lol and severity of ocd yes has an effect and some treatments are only necessary depending on the severity, needless to say, I did not say medication is not effective, im arguing the point that no it does not have a purely biological basis, which you keep saying. There have been a number of cases where there has been normal neurotransmitter and other biochemical balances and activity (measured using a vast array of clinical methods not by the psychologists but by qualified practitioners before you say). Which you have still yet to answer

and of course your supposed to evaluate research studies, there is no flawless research study, and to think that psychology studies are any more flawed then medical is purely ignorant, both are scientific so follow very similar methodologies, similar methods of sampling, objectifying etc. . . and simply put, had the study been very badly done and suffers huge limitations to the point where they have committed type one or even type two errors (you can Google them if you don’t know what they are ) then they would not be published into any decent journals, which by the looks of it, dig it deeper has gotten her sources from the very journals published at my university and some other very highly respectable universities.

Now to say that dig does not follow a more psychological model again is very delusional! ofc she follows a psychological model, she is saying that it does not have a biological basis and that there is EMPIRICAL evidence (which Im sorry, but she has provided, regardless of what you think) to support her claim, just like you asked her to do, and now you criticise that she looked for evidence to support her claim? Seriously, reach any further and your arm will stretch lol

And you tell her to find qualified professionals to ask? Ok so you have asked them yes, but so far I am more "qualified" then you in studying psychological disorders, and having received near enough to straight 85% marks on a number of reports, those of which include reports on anxiety disorders, I think I would know what I am talking about. Having just asked my father, which is what you told her to do, now I am doing it lol, a fully qualified and still practising psychiatrist, has also agreed that of course it does not have a purely biological basis, no psychological disorder has a purely biological basis, otherwise other methods of treatment would be obsolete! lol if you would like I can also call the doctor I spent my last work experience with since I built a good rapport with them? im sure they will support these claims hehe

seriously, you need to stop being very narrow minded, simply put, there are studies that show that ocd does not have a purely biological basis and psychological treatments have proven very effective on severely anxious participants, and there have also been studies to show the same but for medical treatments. So to say that it has a purely biological (medical) basis, wouldn’t be answering why psychological treatments work?

btw, your level of study seems impressive, but seriously, I can safely say with my background I have had significantly larger experience in the field of psychology, am more qualified then you and have also near enough hassled qualified practitioners in the field on anxiety disorders in general and then specifically ocd and phobias (as required by me previous A level exam board) including my father.

now please answer my question, how would you, an obvious biological reductionist, explain cases where the sufferer does not have a serotonin deficiency, high levels of dopamine, no medical background of the disorder, no abnormalities in neurotransmitter levels shown by PET scans and shows no increased activity in the frontal lobe when showing active symptoms? And what would a psychiatrist do? You can go ask your qualified practitioners 

Btw, even IF it had a biological basis, medication treats symptoms yes, but not the cause, MEDICAL STUDIES have shown a return of the symptoms with respect to a halt of the prescribed medication.
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