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Default idk wut to do, help plz :-p

hey every one, wow i havent posted for a long time lol. ne wayz...

i love this girl i really do, we went out for ~15 months then i wanted a lil
break, 3 days later came back, then she wanted a break like a week later came back then she wanted another and its been like a couple weeks
now. we decided we would get back together by sept. 28 (her b-day) 4 sure (prolly sooner tho.

well thats not really needed but i figured i would share that lol
now to the real point, she has been tryin to find a job for like 3,4,5(?) months and has filled out countless apps, idk y she really is a great girl but still hasnt gotten a job.

well last min. she invited me to one of her job "auditions" at a place called
Cold Stones (its an ice cream place and they sing after u tip them hence
the auditions lol), i had no job and figured wut the hell, ill go and have sum fun.

well, it really was a cool interview, i mean i actually had fun . so then
it was like 2 weeks later and neither one of us got a call, so we figured we
didnt get it, well low and behold its jus my luck that they call me back
and not her!!!! i felt like such shit. they told me tho that they still had sum
other calls, but wouldnt hire for another 4-5 weeks since the other store
hadnt opened yet. another 2 weeks pass and the send out a mass email
to EVERYONE who auditioned (like 30 ppl) and told every one the situation.

well jus today i got the fone call, w/ my ex right next 2 me, he asked for
my sched. and thinkin i was goin to b ok i gave it to him. well i get off the
phone and my ex is pissed (she was jus sayin earlier 2day that she wants to get back 2gether soon). so idk wut to do it seems like my options r:

1)take the job tell the ex sry and to understand
2)tell cold stones i really dont have time
3)tell them i dont have time and they should hire my ex in place of me
4)take the job and tell them bout my ex and say she really deserves it also.

she really does need the $$ more than me, but i would like to get a job.
so if u managed to read thru this entire story, than thank u VERY much and tell me wat u think, thanks every one
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