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Default Re: Suicide... is a cry

Originally Posted by Funkyjord
Suicide is a cry for relief against bullies and fears,
Suicide is a cry of passion from your family,
Suicide is a cry for attention when you dont want it,
Suicide... Is what destroys families!
Suicide... Is the end of the road,
Suicide... Is for yourself!

If it is what you choose to do, you can, but i strongly reccomend to think of your family,
You were put on this earth to lead your life, and if thats what you choose, you can.
But please, Re-think first!
Well when I tried I had gotten to the point where I didn't even think they'd have noticed
I was beatten and molested for four years and not one of them suspected a thing
I went to the funeral of my best friend and first real crush after she'd been beatten to death by her dad
I grew colder and colder over the years and nobody noticed
I went to funeral after funeral and eventually stopped caring
I stopped eating
I stopped sleeping
I never left my room
I started cutting
and still nobody really noticed....or cared
I had no friends
No gf

I had VirtualTeen which I had just discovered and was a new member and I had Patch (Mute) and Laura (Lost_&_Fallen) I'm convinced that i'm still alive and not in a hospital because of them
I have allot more friends on here now all of whom are extremly sweet and......patient with me

I felt like i'd been stabbed
my "fammily" wern't there for me when I needed them.....

Everybody has reasons for suicide
Every situations diffrent
Every atempt is equally important

The thing you have to remember is that everybody has a story
weither its the most popular girl in school
or the boy hiding in the corner
Everyone has pain
Some have people that care there to help them......some don't

its not black and white........nothing is anymore

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