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Default Re: Understanding Autism.

The recent changes to the DSM have recategorised both Aspergers and Classical Kanner's Autism to just Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Although you're right, the original difference was speech delays, Asperger's and Classical Autism no longer exist as discrete categories.

This is to highlight the fact that Autistic traits are found throughout the population. We are all "a little autistic". Those with ASD diagnosis are just at the far end of the spectrum.

It is also likely genetic, with identical twins showing 90% concordance rate (If one twin has the disorder, the other has a 90% chance of also having it), while non-identical twins have just 10% concordance rates. However more recent research suggests it is protective factors against the disorder that are genetic, not the disorder it's self

Hope this helped, i've just studied a whole module on ASD as part of my degree.

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