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Default Re: Suicide... is a cry

Originally Posted by Funkyjord
Suicide is a cry for relief against bullies and fears,
Suicide is a cry of passion from your family,
Suicide is a cry for attention when you dont want it,
Suicide... Is what destroys families!
Suicide... Is the end of the road,
Suicide... Is for yourself!

If it is what you choose to do, you can, but i strongly reccomend to think of your family,
You were put on this earth to lead your life, and if thats what you choose, you can.
But please, Re-think first!
thats deep

Me the person who likes family guy so much


qoutes from peter
Teacher: In French, to say yes you say oui-oui.
[Peter starts laughing]
Peter: Oh, man, that\'s hysterical. (keeps laughing) Hey, what do you say for no, doo-doo? (laughs) Hey, I\'ll be right back. I\'ve got to go take a wicked yes
Peter: Holy crip, he\'s a crapple

killer in jail: you and your friends are dead your all dead!
Peter: oh thank god he thinks were zombies

Peter: Hey Lois, give Chris a break. I mean, no TV? So he failed a class, it\'s not like he felt up his cousin in the garage that Thanksgiving when I was nineteen

Peter: Don\'t worry I got an idea An idea so smart my head would explode if I even began to know what I was talking about

Mr. Weed: Peter, your fired
Peter: Aw! Damn it for how long

[At a job interview]
Interviewer: So where do you see yourself in five years
Peter: [Thinking to himself \"Dont say doing you wife. Dont say doing your wife.\"] Doing your, uh, son
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