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Default Re: i think i have add

I'm not going to explain how I got diagnosed for ADHD, simply because it is a long story.

I'm ADHD, though I'm nowhere near as hyper as some ADHD people are, I definitely am a very energetic and hyper person most of the time.

I take 40 milligrams of Adderall a day. It makes a difference for me, and I kinda like being on it more than not on it, as I tend to actually not only to better in school, but in social situations it makes me more calm and not as outgoing as I usually am.

As far as the hating yourself goes, I can't help you there as I used to hate myself simply because of depression. Though I'm not diagnosed for that, its in my mother's and father's sides of my family, so I know I have it, considering my mother has it. But, that is a different story.

My advice is to talk to a doctor. That is what I did, and within a week I was actually passing classes.
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