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Default Re: only who can rip the text box in half

Originally Posted by grass
ther r sum things about life i like, like life itself, pleasure, pain, just bein able 2 feel but the rest of it is FUCKING SHIT i wanna rip the world up in2 tiny little pieces i wanna walk down the street a shot every couple holdin hands between the eyes i wanna spill my blood till its deep enuf 2 drown in. i fucking hate this place i am not free here and the only way i can be free is by killing myself, last time i tried it felt so gd like i cud breath again, i didnt hav 2 be anyware or see any1 or do anythin. i had nothing no responsibility no nothing and in the hour or 2 b4 i went 2 bed that nite i was happy but i cant remember wot that was like now, i think cuttin mite be like that ive 4goton wot thats like 2 well maybe i wont kill myself maybe ill just cut. and dont tell me not 2 cos it will only make me wanna do it more. now leave me alone
So what's the point? You hate having to do things so you want to kill everyone in the world and the world itself, just because they have something you don't. Maybe you should think about your life, and see inside of yourself what you should do too improve it, because destroying others and yourself will do no good. Now obviously you want someone to notice this, because if you didn't you wouldn't've posted it. Maybe it's a cry for help? Well I'm always here to help you if you need it.
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