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Default Re: are you born with ocd?

Iamsam, you obviously follow the medical model of psychology, whereas dig it deeper follows a more psychological model, yes some cases have reported that ocd was caused by neurochemical imbalances etc, however as far as it goes you are the one who has not provided any empirical evidence, and to be perfectly honest to state that the sources dig it deeper has gotten her information from is for any reason "incorrect" or invalid, is very ignorant. compare your position with theirs, you are a 15 year old, the researchers are not lol they have a considerably larger basis of knowledge in their subject area then you do and most importantly, they follow a different model then you do (some do).

yes sampling size/ methods are important, though you have no reason to believe that they were not appropriate from what dig it deeper has given you. and why would the possible limitations of these studies be present in the ones that support psychological theories and not medical? they wouldn’t, both fields are scientific and follow scientific approaches to investigating this anxiety disorder. like many things there are a number of causes, biochemical factors are not enough as they are too reductionist and tend to ignore other factors and simple psychological factors. psychological models also are limited as they are more holistic approaches and may be looking too broadly when the cause is smaller, and also ignore biological factors.

you also need to take it easy, dig it deeper doesnt seem to be starting an argument you are the one who seems to be very challenging and trying to force your opinions (which YOU seem to have confused with facts from what i have read) down her throat. its a small debate, neither of you is wrong, not unless one of you states that their side is the correct and the other isnt.

Was just wondering, how would a follower of the medical model explain cases where the patient has the symptoms of ocd but has no imbalances or abnormal neurotransmitter activity/levels? just wondering
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