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Ok so wait.. By saying the south kills a lot of people is somehow furthering a debate on if the Death Penalty should be supported? I mean.. Sure, they kill 'lots of murderers, good for them.. But that doesn't pursuade anything. Sure it's almost what the topic's about.. But it's like making a topic about Milk then they start talking about cheese or yogurt or something. It's almost like the topic but not quite.

NO he did not i've known matt for months, I talk to him on msn, my cell, teamspeak, etc.... I was here befor him so i've read all of his posts. I think i'm a better judge then you at what my buddy matt is trying to say.
You've been here for like 4 days and you're starting fights, accusing members and just acting like a jerk thats what has matt mad, as far as having 65+ posts in the time you've been here Shocked nobody is accusing you of having a low post count if anything its extremly high which would make you a spammer but I havent seen any spam posts YET so right now I just thimk your an enthusiastic poster, theres nothing worng with that.

I only said it was ludicrous that we were talking about michael moore in a debate whether murdering murderers is good... Then he says something ignorant like "Well it sucks for them doesn't it?!" so I started getting a little angry.. Then he says "i think your ludicrous for not knowing whta your talking about mr i only have 65 posts and think i know everything" so I'm pretty pissed off then so I make an angry post.. Big deal, I'm only human.

As for my ego, the only reason it'd seem like I have an ego is because I got angry when cosmos and othello got sarcastic with me once I said this topic is "ludicrous" meaning, funny...

Anyways, back on topic.. I don't think there's any murderers that really enjoy being in prison even if the budget's 60grand a year XD..
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