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Default OCD or actual paraphilia?

I'm freaking out so much right now, I've actually cried a lot thinking about this I've spend all morning looking for a forum to post on and I remembered I had an account here. Also, can you sort of "outgrow" a paraphilia because I'm a teenager now, maybe it's just hormones? How do you tell the difference between OCD and a paraphilia? I have had quite a few symptoms of OCD, now and in the past. I can be a normal happy person but then I'll start worrying that I have a paraphilia (there is a specific one by the way but I'd prefer not to talk too much about it) and (like now) it will just make me so anxious and I'll think about how it'll ruin my life. How can you tell the difference between obsessive thinking and suppressing a desire? It's not really much of a desire for me since I hate thinking about it but there's always unwanted arousal.

I'm just really scared, I don't want these feelings at all but I can't make them stop.
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