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Default Re: are you born with ocd?

Originally Posted by Dig it deeper View Post
Simpson, H. B. and Liebowitz, M. R. did a study into the effectiveness of CBT or medication (SSRIs) as monotherapies (i.e. not combined) in 2005. They found that for more severe cases of OCD a combination of both was appropriate.

March, J. S. found that CBP (cognitive behavioural psychotherapy) is effective as a monotherapy, or combined with medication, for the treatment of OCD in children and adolescents.

Watson, H. J. and Rees, C. S. found earlier this year that when treating under 19-year olds CBT and medication were effective forms of treatment. CBT had a greater effect size than medication.

What does dubed mean?
As far as I can work out it isn't a proper word...
Which Journals are these from?

You have a tendency to confuse your own opinion for fact, I've mentioned this to you elsewhere, and you continue to state your beliefs very strongly as if they were factual, and I think you confuse the two. Without knowing these particular sources or the methodology used, it is impossible to determine the accuracy of these results. So, they merely support your preconceived opinion on this matter. This is misleading to others, and I think it would be better if your level of self assurance was a bit more in line with your actual grasp of the facts.
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