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Originally Posted by habook3
Originally Posted by cosmos
dude theres like NO progs for 64 bit yet. its worthless
But the thing is that 64 bit is backwards compatible. So it'll work with 32 bit programs, and then when more 64 bit programs come out, you've already got it.
I think what he was getting at was the same thing I was saying. Sure, most 32bit programs that work with 32bit XP will work just dandy with x64. Not all of them will, and depending on if those programs are ones you would want, might make you upset when you get to installing them, and it errors out.

It did that with My CD Burning software and my Virtual Drive program.

But, yes, it'll be good when 64bit software comes out. A lot of software makers dont see 64bit as anything right now, and aren't making programs for it. Like Netgear, who says they have no plans to make drivers anytime soon if at all for their cards under 64 XP. Or, like Roxio, or various other software makers, with the same stance, except for programs. They see 32bit as their main focus, and don't have any plans of releasing 64bit compatible programs any time soon.

- Bill
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