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Rowan my first impression of you sucks
now that we have that out of the way

Yeah, good for you, another..

First off matt wasent talking about post count he was saying that your new (he did NOT say there was sumthin wrong with that)

What?! He clearly said, "i think your ludicrous for not knowing whta your talking about mr i only have 65 posts and think i know everything"Meaning he was taking a jab at how I have a low post count, he didn't say anything about being new.. In lamen terms in that post he was saying that I don't have the right to stand up to him because I have 65 posts. I don't think I know everything! I think I know that if there's a topic, that's what it's there for so you CAN STAY ON IT!

he said you have no idea how VT works
I agree with him!

Well, I just figured it worked like every other forum.. You know, those ones that have topics for a reason

Your new who cares but stop acting like a know it all and leave the fourm moderating to the mods (James dosent need your help)

Good for James.. He's probably a good guy, I'm just saying that this topic's getting out of hand. If you want to talk about random thing, I thought maybe it should be done in the spam forum?

EXACTLY its a DEBATE fourm u didn't get slamed you wanted a debate and thats what you got and now your pissed cause your losing (again WHO CARES its a debate)

I'm losing? The last thing that was on the topic was posted by me.. And I don't really care what these people think.. I don't even know them in real life. I know what I know, they know wha tthey know.. I was getting pissed because they said shit like "what if what if what if? you keep presenting these bs hypothetical situations. what if you were pinned for a murder that you didnt commit? then THAT WOULD FUCKING SUCK wouldnt it?"I mean.. That's not even a good reply.. In fact, it's like he's saying, 'if you're pinned for a muder you didn't do, die ! '

"I'll admit, I might've seemed hostile a couple times, but that's only because I felt like you guys were dismissing everything I say with sometimes not even valid points.."
you just sound like a sore loser to me

Maybe it's because I'm getting ganged up on by a bunch of people that have been going to these forums for ages so they think I can't be right... I mean, I'm not saying I am. Both sides have their hits and misses, but like you just said regardless, they feel they've won..
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