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So.. Wait.. I'm obsolete because I have less posts than you.. That's it? Freaking post count whores these days... So the subject is about what area killed the most people and if Michael More is worth listening to? If so, I'm sorry man, I made a mistake...

Anyways, I don't think I know everything. If I did, why would I join these forums in the first place? I came to ask questions and get answers and maybe learn things from other's questions.

Then I found this thread and decided to say my opinion which was struck down repeatedly so I started to get angry... And I'll admit, I might've seemed hostile a couple times, but that's only because I felt like you guys were dismissing everything I say with sometimes not even valid points..

I'm just trying to get this thread back on topic because we've been speaking of nonesense for a while and you start bitching at me because I have a post count of 65 XD... WTF?! Great first impression though man, you seem like a real nice person.. Real nice..
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