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See what is really scary about Bush is that he really honestly believes what he is doing for the USA is good. He really does want to protect america, and believes doing it the way he is is ok. Its ok to take away American rights with the Patriot Act, which has taken away so many of americans basic freedoms if the goverment even remotly suspects you as a terrorist. The NSA records most cell phone conversations and puts them threw machines that search for set key words, and if flagged a person will listen to your phone conversation. This is not a guy who could stop what he is doing cus he may finally stop his evil. This is a guy who trully believes in what he is doing is good, and will push it. But we dont have to worry much longer even if Bush wins. There has been a begining of an end to the current world power structure a change that is speeding up because of Bush. First of all Bush has made the UN a joke by just moving around it, making its power and control very weak without a major super power keeping within its laws. Because while he makes EVERY nation in the world hate us, the European Union is going to get stronger and stronger and it WILL become a Super Power, one probably stronger then the USA, and we will see how fun it is to be enemy to a power greater then us. We being are children that is.
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