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The Solution
By: Jim Cady

I once had a void inside my mind
and all the knowledge that exists couldn't fill it.
I had a hunger within the depths of my gut
and all the food that there is couldn't kill it.

My lonely heart lay broken apart
and no mortal love could repair it.
Yet I found the answer to all these problems
and with YOU I would like to share it.

Ya'know God IS up there
watching over us all
Waiting to give us a hand
if we should happen to fall

He hears every cry
and He answers each prayer,
and all WE have to do
is just believe that He's there.

Don\'t gamble your future on the present
which rapidly fades into the past.
Remember life is fleeting.
It wasn\'t meant to last.
Know where it is that you\'re going
and get there fast.
Because only the All-Knowing Knows
which day will be your last.

Jim Cady.
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