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Default Re: Post Your Desktop Screenshot! - See First Post For A Guide

Actually, no, I didn't open anything "just to show."

I have a problem closing things once I open them.

And, actually, I had closed Firefox like 6 hours earlier.

The stuff is accumulated from 6 days of uptime, and laziness to close things.

I can't remember how many FF windows I had open earlier, but before I closed it I had like 4 windows that I remember saying 50 some tabs, and one with 71. I do use tabs.

One CMD window constantly pings my ISPs gateway, so I know when my Internet dies (Because it's been doing that a lot, slightly agrevating) and the other two, one I used to ping another site, and the other was a traceroute I hadn't closed.

I actually have 48 Explorer windows open right now (which also includes several Windows Photo Gallery windows).

There's also a Virtual Machine running in the background in the screenshot (And still) which has been running all day of Vista 32 bit, when I was screwing with something.

One thing I love about this computer, is even with all this crap running, it doesn't seem to bog it down at all. I can even run [email protected] clients on the CPU (SMP Client) and the GPU Client and still have no problems whatsoever.

- Bill

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