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Originally Posted by Zan0ra View Post
That's a long list. Try listening to some music to try and take your mind of it. Things like "Need to align objects just so" and "Excessive list making" is something I do frequently. I call myself a neat-freak. Lets start at basic. Have you seen a therapist about your problems.? I dont know if this is possible but try not doing the activities that you do such as mental rituals or touch/tap/rub objects. Its hard the first time but if you try hard. You can make it. I have really no idea how to answer this completely but I have done my best. Good luck.

I've been trying my best to stop my rituals, but it's so incredibly hard to stop... and whenever i cut back, something always seems to go wrong some way or another in my life and it drives me absolutely crazy so i find myself doing even more rituals than before
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