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nathan : I say drop him
rabbit : i want to but you know me.. i am scared
rabbit : i am scared of him nathan

nathan : if he harms you actually!, you could be your fucking ass i'll drive my ass done there and ninja kick his face! NO ONE FUCKS WITH MY PRINCESS!

nathan : your probably going through alot of emotional sadness like shit! just end it with that guy, dont give him a chance, even if he's trying to give ya one! Thats not how you treat someone
rabbit : and none of this happened til last night and benassi was trying to get me to feel better cuz i felt dead inside and i was crying and everything (he <<wesley>> hung up on me) and benassi was like "you need a hug" and i was like "why" and he was like "you had a bad day there ya go" (something to that effect atleast) lol
nathan : thats nice of him
nathan : yeah you need one

rabbit : thanks
rabbit : i stayed home sick today cuz i was depressed and i have the flu and he didn't even care to ask if i was ok

nathan : just leave him, i'm serious, it will make ya happier! well, maybe not at first, but when you dont have to put up with his shit anymore, it will be fine

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