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Default Re: How do I Deal With a Manic Mom?

For me it seems better to live with the craziness than to live somewhere else. My mom has been in and out of the metal hospital since I can remember. Sometimes she thinks my Dad is trying to kill her and other times she's ok. I can tell when an episode is starting to gear up and I know that it's going to be bad. She has been in bed or on the couch for almost a year now. Sometimes I sing to her or tell her stories, or about what's going on at school, and ask her to get out of bed.

I was in the hospital because of a hernia operation for two nights. I like being away from home and I thought about how nice it would be to not go home. I thought hard about it and I decided that I love my Mom and would never want to go live somewhere else.

I guess I counted the good things and they outweighed the bad.
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