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what if what if what if? you keep presenting these bs hypothetical situations. what if you were pinned for a murder that you didnt commit? then THAT WOULD FUCKING SUCK wouldnt it? i mean honestly. the state would still be just in killing you though, its not anyones fault that you lost the case except for unfortunate circumstances. if you kill someone, you no longer bear right to live. simple as that
Hypothetical situations are just as good as facts if they've happened before, so think before you speak. They haven't happened to me, no, I'm here today, but they might've happened to a relative, ancestor, old family friend etc..

That's like saying, that one person that got fucked over should die so that many other murderers could die. Hell, I don't want to die for a fucking murderer, do you? If anyone the person that made the damn law should die for that murderer, not some person picked by random. I would honest to god rather allow that person that murdered me get ass raped by some guy named bubbah for the last miserable years of his life then let some inocent person get slaughtered.

The death penalty is dumb.
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