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Originally Posted by Rowan1011
That's a moot point at best Nwshc.. Think about this, what if you went down the wrong path in your life-and you hung out with the bad crowd.. And one night, this crowd you sometimes hang out with kills a man yet it was somehow also pinned on you because you had no alibi. Wouldn't that seem unfair? Would you still find this state so just? Or what if someone killed your family and left you living, but since you were home it was pinned on you since you'd be the last one living. Even if you did say that it was some other dude who's to say you're not just covering your ass?..

"you cant just not give people the death penalty simply because there might be a rare case that someone on death row is innocent."
Yes you can.. Canada does it every day.

Killers should probably be killed, an eye for an eye is the saying. Not someone else's eye for an eye.
what if what if what if? you keep presenting these bs hypothetical situations. what if you were pinned for a murder that you didnt commit? then THAT WOULD FUCKING SUCK wouldnt it? i mean honestly. the state would still be just in killing you though, its not anyones fault that you lost the case except for unfortunate circumstances. if you kill someone, you no longer bear right to live. simple as that
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