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Default What's Bipolar II?

So I was diagnosed with Major Depression a year ago but I'm starting to notice that I'm currently showing all the symptoms of a hypomania episode. I also had most of the symptoms of a relapse a couple weeks ago. I remember mania from being diagnosed with Bipolar I as a kid so I looked it up. The problem is, I don't portray some symptoms of manic-behavior such as substance abuse, excessive money spending, or hypersexuality. I may have had a manic episode once, but that's it really. My mom noticed this and took me to get diagnosed again. I feel I could've been misdiagnosed with Major Depression just because I was having a depressive-episode at the time. The person who diagnosed me said it was situational and would probably go away after a while. I feel that recently I've had more manic episodes. But, I think I may have had another depressive episode in late December.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone on here has been diagnosed or knows someone diagnosed with Bipolar 2 and how does it affect you/them daily? I want to get an idea of this before I go somewhere and request yet another diagnosis.

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