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Unhappy How do I Deal With a Manic Mom?


tldr; Just found out my mom is semi crazy and has 'mania's' as I believe they are called.

I confirmed it with my dad when he and a visiting friend came over to have a casual chat with her. She would talk on and on about her obsession with the local Indy music scene which she has been apart of for a loooooooong time. She went on about how she was healed and injected with energy by a yogi/yoga teacher that she visits for treatment sometimes. She also mentioned about cosmic powers or some nonsense. She's talk forever and I understood she had manic depression, but I've never actually seen it in action. Normally is very rational and in check, but this is not one of those times.

I am neither afraid of her or feel unsafe. I do however feel uncomfortable, and this is a really big reality shock for me. It makes me almost tear up that my mother is really this much for a normality. My dad offered me to stay over at his home to let my mom have some time to herself, which is great. However, in the mean time...I am in shock and don't know how to respond to the situation. I could really use some advice...anything is appreciated.


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