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FIRST OFF! god is probably real, however not in the way that christains beleive, so lets name him uncle buck. uncle buck is an all powerfull dude, but hes like a kid with a magnafying glass, burning ants. (were the ants)

i know that christianity is wrong in the sense that god is "good" because look at the world, global warming, 9/11, the AIDS crisis in africa, starving all over the world, war in Iraq. i can go on but ive made my point.

heres the problem with "jesus crist" although he may be real, why would you follow some dude that got OWNED AND NAILED TO A PEICE OF WOOD????? heres a question to all those that are christian, so if i nailed myself to a peice of wood and walked around the US preaching that..... uh..... a cheese doodle is god, and i am the son of a cheese doodle, wouldnt that be the same thing?!?!?!?! but no you would just call me a looney and call the cops on me

ONE FINAL THING: i dont know much about the bible but ive herd the quote from genisis often with : god made the earth and it was good : and that stuff. but my point is ITS YOUR BIBLE SHOULDNT IT SOUND LIKE IT WAS WRITTEN BY AN ADULT NOT A 3 YEAR OLD????

ps. sorry for all the spellings errors im just lazy and dont feel like going over them
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