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somehting i really want, him to be obssesed with me back
k, you're gonna have to take two giant steps BACKWARDS for know this guy online.....I would share with you my experience with an online guy that I met...but then you'd never talk to people online again, and I'm not saying just cus he's online he's bad. But you just said yourself that you're obsessed with this dude....and....if he really loves you he wont want you to be obsessed with you realize how silly that is? You can't let thinking about him consume you.....

Honestly if you meet him and things go well I wish you the best but you're taking things way way WAY way WAAAYYY too fast....slow down and let things happen..if you rush things and force things to happen you screw up what's supposed to happen...take a deep're ok. Everything is gonna be fine, just follow your heart!

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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