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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Originally Posted by HunterDaniels View Post
This is a good story. I think this could be a lot of people's story. It goes like this for a lot of gayness from what I read on other message boards and stuff.
Isn't it weird how other people know you're gay before you do?! Lol
You've heard about "gaydar"? (Gay radar)
I def have it and there's a friend of mine that I'm soooo sure is gay but he still says he's straight. He's always sad and never had a girlfriend. It's so obvious to me. I want really bad to confront him because I think he would feel better if he came to terms with who he is. But I just won't do it. I'm to afraid I would lose him as a friend.
That was a good story, very realistic

Don't bother your friend about it. What if he's trying to accept himself and you push him to admit he's gay to others when he's still trying to admit it to himself? it's better to let him figure it out. The story on here had someone who knew they were gay but hid it and denied it. Atleast give your friend the opportunity to fully understand themselves inside and then when it's obvious to you they know they're gay and have come to terms, that's when you can tell them you know too, and it's ok. Don't push it on them.
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