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okay well we are both clean so it's all good....thanks Adam ...although after that statement I dont think I'll ever wear make up again haha

edit: I also forgot to add sister claims that my nephew was conceived while she was on the pill but she said that like a few weeks prior to getting pregnant she missed 1 pill (just 1, one day) is that why?? does missing 1 day matter? cus I know it takes like a month to take full effect in the first place but if you miss one does it take that long before you're fully safe again??
cus my sister is an airhead and my mom claims she missed more than one but my sister swears (compulsive joke) she only missed one....and yeah I know these are all questions I can ask my doctor but I wanna know now and I dont wanna ask my mom cus I'm not that comfortable saying..oh can joseph cum in me? lol so yeah

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