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There has been much controversy of late over the Presidential debates. For those of you who may have spent recent months in a cave, the controversy revolves around a mysterious lump captured by photographers in the back of Bushes jacket during the debates. Some speculate that it was some sort of electronic device feeding Bush pertinent info to utilize in the debate. Well, I have solved the mystery and completely vindicated our illustrious President of these slanderous accusations. Let me state emphatically that the lump on bushes back had absolutely no connection with the debates, electronic information transfer, or cheating in any way shape or form! ---------------------------------------------------There is a perfectly reasonable explanation: The lump seen on Bush's back is no more than the location where Vice President Chaney routinely places his hand in order to make the Presedent's eyes & mouth move.

Don\'t gamble your future on the present
which rapidly fades into the past.
Remember life is fleeting.
It wasn\'t meant to last.
Know where it is that you\'re going
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Because only the All-Knowing Knows
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Jim Cady.
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