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Default update!! please read for more help (REALLY LONG)

alright here is the new scoop: well i deleted that guys screen name from my buddy list and i was like ill just move on whatever i give up... last night i was on a different screen name and talked to him about basically everything. I know i was desperate to talk to him but i was just straight up saying everything i wanted to but i couldnt as myself... i asked him what was going on and all that junk (keep in mind he had no idea it was me) and he said that the kid he said he liked before to me was just a kid he liked a lot as a friend, his only real friend and best friend thats why they talked to much and that they were even drifting as friends now. I went back on my screen name he knew and talked to him for an hour about relationships and everything like that and what we want from our lovers and we shared a lot of the same ideas and caught up.... but im not sure if i should take this further and try and have a relationship with him as a couple or just keep it friendly but i really really like him no joke its weird how crazy i am over him and he told me deep secrets too its like i dont wana let him go (he even told me stuff like that he wanted a special kiss with someone and his first time to be special and he said that hed probably be attached to them forever, somehting i really want, him to be obssesed with me back)
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