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Default Freaking out

Ok so lately I've gained some new worries.
I assume everything is bugged.
I'll have to wear a certain piece of clothing until I'm sure it isn't bugged.
My dad just got a new printer for the upstairs and it's wireless and I assume that somehow it can show my parents my internet history( its.a.printer!)
My mom got my some new headphones for Christmas and I can't wear them because they might be bugged( and who exactly would be bugging all these things?!)
so yes, I know these are extremely irrational fears, and I never do anything illegal to begin with( I just have extremely conservative christian parents who might count the most wholesome thing I do online as sinful somehow)
I do have other OCD habits which I do on a regular basis, but these are fairly new.
I've been freaking out a lot about this all lately, so I need a bit of advice on how to kick some sense into my mind :/
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