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Default The Pill?

Okay I figured this belonged here since..well..the haha sooo...

I've heard about it and probably gonna get on it soon (I've already asked I just need to make an appointment) does anyone know how much they are? and does anyone know the pros and cons of the patch? I looked at the side effects of the pill and some of the older ones have the side effect of weight gain..omg...I couldnt deal with that..seriously I have MAJOR self esteem issues as it is lol and I looked at some newer ones and it just has like upset stomache and stuff for the first 3 months ....the patch doesnt have that side effect either but I was wondering if you accidently put it in the wrong spot or something are you just fucked for the next month (haha no pun intended ) cus it's like a once a month thing and I couldnt find anything on it other than side effects .....anyhoo...

I'd also like to know exactly what it does....I've heard people say you dont have to wear protection and he can cum inside you and I've also heard you should still wear a condom on the pill and yeah...both of those can't be right haha thanks ya'll


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