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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

(the archbishop of york said this, he is a black african, so thios isn't racist)

a pilot on a plane says "we're going down, no fuel left, for us to survive, we need to lose wheight, now we are going to release all of your luggage, raise your hand if you disagree," no one disagreed...
Five minutes later, he said "we're still going down" so they gave up all of their hand luggage...
Ten minutes later, he again said "now we are still going down, but don't worry, we need to let around fifty people go, now thoose of you who give up your life, will jump out the door, with a parachute, so there is a chance of liveing, but you would be giving up your life for over one thousand people, so we will find these people randomly, and this will be, alphabetically...
Any arabian people?
any black people?
any caribians?

And a small black boy said to his father... "daddy, why arn't they picking us, i want to go parachuting, but i don't want to die?"
so the father said to him, and all the other black people around him... "WE ARE ZULUS!"

2d joke - Mrs bates

this is true, and was on the news.
A woman called andria bates, had two sons, a husband, and a dog, now her edlest son was the lowest regarded person in the family, as he smoked cocain, now on the news, they said, "the family tree goes andria bates, malcomn bates, rory bates, fido the dog master bates...

Anyone get it?
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