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Default This girl.

Well, first thing I'd like to say is the reason I started a new account was because I was changing my email and I made a typo.. So I had to do the process all over again... YAY! :/

Anywho, back on topic.. There's this girl, I've had a crush on her for a couple years(3 to be exact). In conclusion, I'm now her friend(I started hanging out with her in result of being infatuated with her), I'm not really her closest friend-but she knows I exist and her and I talk from time to time.

Anyways.. I just don't get how this whole bond thing gets going. I mean, I know how it works-but how does it start? Do I just ask something pretty blunt like "Hey, wanna go see a movie this friday?".. Also, how do I know if she's ready for that first kiss and etc. I mean, I don't want to force anything on her-and it's pretty lame to ask.

A confused early adolescent, Rowan.
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