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Post So I think I might have ADD

Or ADHD. Whichever one. Thing is, I haven't gone to a psychologist or anything. I can tell that something is "wrong" and I think it's most likely ADD, based on what I know about it. I'm not giving myself a self diagnosis or anything because I know those usually are not accurate, I'm just saying it's my best guess. So anyway, I'm gonna be seeing a psychologist eventually, maybe sooner than later, but honestly I'm a little paranoid as to what the psychological and drug therapy might do to me if I actually am diagnosed with something. Honestly I kind of like the symptoms, even though they potentially compromise much of my personal life. So anyway, what I wanna know from you guys is how the meds you've received have effected you. I know it's different for everyone and there are dozens of different meds but I can still get a general idea. So have the meds helped you? Have they actually harmed you? Would you say they made a significant change to the way you think?
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