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Default Why are women so complicated?!

Ahh, Women can just be soooo complicated some times. Right now I'm having my straight side of me see more sun. And there's this girl kathleen, and I like her. And her and my good friend sent me this message that read kathleen saying to him how much she regretted not going out with me. I had asked her out at the beggining of the summer and she said she was just getting over a guy and I was just getting over getting dumped by my ex (it was a few months ago, but I was still getting over her). So she said maybe when we both know we're ready for it. And now I hear she's ready for it. And I had been thinking about her myself before reading that message. So I was going to make plans for us to hang out so I could ask her out and then my good friend IMed me again and said don't do it, because now she's all, I can wait for school. So she changes her mind within two seconds Arghh, why must this ALWAYS happen. Something will happen, I procrastinate, and then I lost my train. Damn girls are sooooo much more complicated than guys.
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