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Age- 14
Height- 5 3
Weight- 120 somethin
Build- Not thin but not fat
Nationality- nuttin but american
Country u live in-USA

Penis length hard- 5
Penis girth hard- dunno
Penis length soft- 2ish
Penis girth soft- dunno
Are u circumsised- yep
Penis straight, bent to the right, bent to the left, etc.- down
Are u happy with ur penis- sortof i guesss

Do u masterbate- yea
How many times a day- 2-3 or when i feel like it
Do u spit or dribble- dribble
Cum pale/white/clear- clear/pale
How much- never measured
Do u use lube- sometimes
What- Liquid soap, water
Do u look at porn while masturbating- yea
What type- anything on the computer
Where do u masturbate- bed, shower, in front of the computer lol
Do u masterbate naked, clothes on- naked
Do u masterbate on ur own- yea
Have u ever masturbated with a friend- nope
Has a friend ever masturbated u- nope
Has anyone masturbated u- nope
Did u enjoy it- i bet i would

Have u ever compared penis sizes with anyone-yea
How did u compare sizes- pulled down underwear in the locker room
HAve u ever had a blow job- nope
Have u ever given a blow job- nope
Did u enjoy it- dunno
Ha ve u ever tasted ur cum- yea
Have u tasted anybodys elses cum- ur not supposed to do that...
HAve u ever had sex- nope
With what gender-
Are u straight gay bi- straight
Do people know that ur gay straight bi- yea

Do u have pubic hair- yea loads
Do u have leg hair- yea
Do u have chest hair- nope
Do u have facial hair- not a lot
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