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okay well I talked to him last night again and I guess he's gettin tired of talkin about it cus he got frusterated.....he keeps sayin there's nothin he can do about it so why try..and in 4 months he was gonna be outta there anyway so he's just gonna look forward to that........

It sucks cus I'm like sooo pissed that he's being treated that way and hes just so neutral about it cus he's been made to live with it for so long. Me complaining about it doesn't make it any better..and I know that...but I need to vent here. It pisses me off and sorta makes me jealous....cus he's such an awesome person even going through all this he still tries to look at the good in her so that he can handle it for a lil while longer.....and I'm jealous cus she treats him like shit..he hates her..and she gets to see him all the time......and...I would treat him like he deserves to be treated...he loves me and I love him and I can only see him like twice a week for a few hours if I'm lucky..and thats now...that's not factoring in when I get a job.....

I know..I need to let it go also..I need to let it be okay for 4 more months because it HAS to's gotta be okay cus there's nothing we can do about it and being upset will only make me grumpy and give me

ugh I'm trying here it's just.....when someone hurts someone I love....well no...when someone hurts my joseph it just kills me...especially when I can do nothing about it...blah blah blah.....sorry lol I enjoy ranting when I'm mad.......0_o
just pray for us...if you dont pray then just wish for the best please cus we need it love ya'll


"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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