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"when I was younger, I was nervous. But now I know that if I agree to do anything with someone, the physical aspect of that relationship will take over and the significance of the person will dissapear."
oh wow....that line almost made me old is this guy??

It sounds to me like he wanted to just focus on himself....he didnt want to have to worry about a relationship.
Now it seems like he's thought about it....maybe he's scared.....ever consider his mom sexual abused him?? I've heard that people who have been sexual abused (and coming from someone that has) find it hard or scary to be close to someone..they relate every situation to sex and what might happen.
Just keep talking to him....don't pressure him though..dont mention it everytime you see him (that is if you see him very often)
It's not's not need to give it time

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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