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Default please help (LONG story)

Okay i need your guys help here..... okay i have been trying to find someone who was gay or bi (im bi) who lives in my state. Well I have a myspace and found this guy who was a member of a gay/bi/lesbian group who lived in my state. I got his screen name and after we talked for a while, he said he really liked me. Well we barely talked and i was totally taken back but i was like excited that he said that and so i told him exactly how i felt. He wouldnt IM me though and im so shy and i was like i dont wanna IM him if gets annoyed when i do and he said once he got a car (hes 16, im 15) hed drive down to see me all the time and hang out and said he even wanted to be my first... anyways i looked at his myspace and it had all these comments from this guy.. the guy lives in a different state but all the commentswere like i love you, your the best person ever blah blah and so i just came out and was like dont lead me on your the first guy ive talked to and liked and your using my and i asked him if he liked the kid... and he said he did a lot and if he lived closer they would date.... i dont want to give up because hes so handsome and i love his personality and his tastes in music and clothes and everything but i think he uses me when hes bored/mad at his real crush.... what should i do??
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