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Default Re: skin picking?

I have awful problems with skin picking, mostly as a result of OCD for me personally

I pick at acne, but also my legs and arms. Sometimes until they're bloody/raw/have deep wounds

I also chew the inside of my mouth.

It's not actually caused by stress for me personally, it is the actual discomfort brought on by imperfections in my skin. Likewise, I scrub my skin raw in showers sometimes because I don't feel clean

It's actually very rare for me to feel clean in showers

I also pick at moles, hives, big bites, rashes, and raw skin, and I'm a bloody uncomfortable mess a lot of the time

I pick at my nails and cuticles
I scratch the fuck out of my scalp because it feels like it's crawling with disgusting things.

It can become a serious problem if you don't learn how to deal with it.

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