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This is not necessarily OCD but can be considered a symptom of it because it's a compulsion. I've been picking at my skin since I was about... seven years old? And yeah, it started with acne for me. It was just there to pick at so I did. Now it's turned into something I do when I'm stressed or when I don't have anything else to do with my hands. You might benefit from speaking to someone in order to find more healthy coping mechanism. Because I can tell you that it scars just as badly as cutting or any other form of self-harm does. And it's not fun to live with even if sometimes it feels innocent enough.

For me it may be a manifestation of OCD because I see a blemish and it has to be dealt with even until I'm bleeding. But that's not always the case. For you it may just be stress. But either way, definitely seek out help even if it's just from a family doctor or a counsellor at school to see what ways you can keep your hands busy instead.
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