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Default This thing I call my life

Hey, my names JT. I've been here a few months, and made a bunch of really cool friends here, done a bunch of posts. Not as much as others, but still a fair amount, after all, it's really not about posts is it?

I've shared a bunch about my life here, but it's come out in bits and pieces in some surveys, and other discussion threads and a lot in pm's in talking to people. I sometimes get pm's about some posts I've made, and it's pretty clear I guess that the people who ask those certain questions don't know a lot about my life or my past. Even though I have a diary thread, and many people have come through those doors at all hours of the day and night, I wasn't able to really wholly share my past, and allow for open conversation for people who want to ask about it. Does not mean I did not like or want people to visit the bar, I do, it's a fun place. I'm just at a different point in life where I want to share more about myself than I have in a normal, progressive time line kind of diary.

So I'll start here, and I'll add a little everyday or so as I feel inspired. And your welcome to ask me stuff or what ever ok?

So here I go.....for as far back as I can remember, my mom and dad always caught, they were both heavy drug and alcohol abusers. I actually don't think my mom ever liked or wanted me. The only memories I have of her are of her abusing me. She was a cunt and that's the only way I can out it. She was not nice in any way shape or form. My dad was the one who took care of me, feed me bathed me, did everything for me, he was great.

Well one day, all that changed when mom and dad broke up and dad left me behind with the wicked witch of the north east to fend for myself, then she had free rhaines to do as she pleased, but never enough to raise any suspicion on my dads part, not that he was real observant. But I did love his attention on my visits every other weekend and every school holiday and vacation. See, school was a baby sitter so mom could get high or drunk, so if there was no school, she'd have to watch me. I simy didn't fit into her life style at all, and she had a personal agenda to make sure as shit I was cramping her

So meet mom, more on another time...

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