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My parents aren't excessively particular...they're nowhere near as bad as me. I would say that my house is normal, not overly orderly, etc.

If I didn't have a bunch of other annoying things that I do, I would probably agree with you. Unfortunately, I have annoying rituals, where I do things until they "feel right." It's so annoying when I have to reread things 25 times, until I get it right in my head. I'm not even fond of reading books anymore. I'll even do this when I'm reading websites online.

Do most of you go to your General Practitioner first? I guess mine would be my pediatrician still, even though I'm 20. I haven't been there since my Junior year of high school, and I'm now a Junior in college. I think that they will keep me until I graduate, but I'm not positive. I was thinking about just going to see a psychiatrist or a psychologist, but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?
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