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Hi Whiskey,

first of all i would like to say that it is going to be alright. Continuous/obsessive skin picking mostly manifests itself in adolescent years and goes away in early adulthood. It is not a permanent condition for vastly everyone. Furthermore, albeit obsessive skin picking is indeed unhealthy and can cause substantial damage to the skin, in the long term most damage to skin heals, given that one has stopped picking the skin and a few years have passed. This especially holds true for developing adolescents.

I can testify to this myself, i have been continuously picking my skin for around 8 years. I have stopped skin picking about 3 years ago, my skin is as smooth now as anyone else, the scars and marks which there were there before have all healed up and vanished.

I think it is important to understand what skin picking is. Continuous skin picking is a coping mechanism, it is simply a tool to deal with stress. Therefore it is important to understand that skin picking is caused by other issues which drive one to skin pick in order to be able to deal with the stress generated by said issues. The way skin picking works is that the pain from skin picking provides one with a momentary relief, overshadowing other feelings.

Skin picking in a way has nothing to do with skin picking, it is a coping mechanism, a tool, which manifests as a way to deal with extensive stress caused by some reason. Therefore to address continuous skin picking one needs to address the reason which causes one to pick skin to begin with. This is essential.

It is also completely essential to learn how to cope with stress in a healthy way, aka developing a different coping mechanism, as even after addressing the initial reasons which caused one to skin pick, new reasons will likely emerge later in life which will makes us extensively stressed.

I can say that it is a learning experience to stop skin picking, do not get discouraged by unsuccessful attempts and do not stress too much about it, it is a trial and error thing that will come around eventually with time.

Hopefully this proves useful at least a bit. If you have any questions please ask!
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