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Default <.:Heart breaker:.>

You promised to carry on,
To be the one to wipe my tears.
Now You never came to say.
To bash me back that way.
To never speak again.
Now im picking up this knife.
Holding it in my hand,
Stabbing all the pain.
"I find myself trying to change you,
But if you were meant to be my lover than i wouldnt have to"
Tearing the meories off my filled wall.
Now the wall is bleak..
It has lost all radiance that it once had goign for it.
Im scared to try again,
knowing what youll do and say.
I guess we werent meant to be.
Mayeb you just couldnt see,
That we were meant to be.
Maybe you show no sign of affection.
I feel like im talkign to the same old man.
Its time for me to leave.
The memories we once held drowned in tears and blood...
Now We are both in pain.
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