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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

I figure out that im bisexual in june 2015.I break up with my first boyfriend(anyway, that relationship was terrible, he was so disguisting, his arms, teeths, i didnt like kissed with him, and he became just a stupid habbit-lesson:be just with peson who you fall in love).Incidentally, i go on some lesbian chat, just for fun, because chatting with boys was boring, they all wanted hot chat and be like robots without brain).And then, i meet one girl, Cloe, from France.She gave me her email and we started messaging every day.That was so cute, and weird.We had dirty talks, aboaut sex and other crazy things.We sent our naked photos of breasts and pussy to each other.And then i started to dream aboaut girls...kissing with them, and having in relationship..that was like one new part of me is born.I also started to watch lesbian movies and tv shows(Blue is the warmest color,Orange is the new black, The L word) and lesbian porns of course.That bisexual feeling was greatfull, and suddenly i was thrown in lgbt world.I say that to my bff, im afraid to tell my parents, its better to them do dont know it.They expect to i have a man on wihte horse, and 3 kids.Sometimes they are so conservative.
I think that im in love in one girl from school.Oh, she is so beautiful and clever.Sometimes, she touch my fingers and arms...i fant to feel her lips everywhere...

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